Cremation Facilities

To accommodate the current Catholic church discipline and practice, Gate of Heaven Cemetery offers a variety of options for the respectful disposition and memorialization of cremated remains. The division or scattering of cremated remains is not consonant with Catholic discipline or practice.

Above-ground inurnment of cremated remains takes place in niches that are located within Our Lady Queen of Peace mausoleum. Niches are available at different levels (heights) and with different shutters (exterior covers). Availability is as follows:

  1. Single granite covered niche space from $1,300 to $2,100
  2. Single marble covered niche space from $1,900 to $2,700

Urns used for glass covered niche spaces must be approved in advance. Glass is not etched or inscribed to memorialize the individual. Identification is included in the cost of the granite or marble covered niche spaces, but religious enhancements are not included.

Niche prices include engraving of the shutter, but do not include opening/sealing of the space.

The opening fees for weekday and Saturday inurnment are $700 and $900 respectively.

Enhancements such as cameo pictures and patriotic/religious emblems may be attached to marble and granite shutters. A selection of emblems and cameos is available at the cemetery office and these items must be purchased through the cemetery to preserve the uniform appearance of the mausoleum. No enhancements may be attached to glass niche fronts.

Please refer to the fee schedule for other services and related fees.

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