Mausoleum Entombment

Two community mausoleums are located within Gate of Heaven Cemetery. Built in 1969, the Saint Francis of Assisi complex is situated close to the lower entrance and cemetery office; there are currently no spaces available within this facility.

Our Lady Queen of Peace mausoleum complex has been developed in three phases, beginning in 1984 and this complex is situated at the upper area of the cemetery; no spaces are available in the first phase of this complex, a minimum selection is available in the second phase. The third phase, built in 2004, offers the greatest selection of interior and exterior entombment spaces.

Crypt prices include identification of the deceased on the exterior shutter but do not include opening/sealing and any additional shutter enhancements such as cameo pictures or religious/patriotic emblems. Cameo pictures and emblems are purchased at the cemetery office.

Mausoleum crypt prices overlap the cost of in-ground monument lots when all costs are considered. Prices depend upon: (1) interior vs. exterior crypts, (2) the level at which the crypts are located (crypts are structured at 7 levels, lettered from bottom [A] to top [G], and the configuration of multiple crypt spaces.

The following prices of the various configurations of interior crypt spaces are available:

  1. Single space crypt from $10,900 to $26,800
  2. Side-by-side double shutter crypts (2 spaces) from $29,400 to $60,100
  3. End-to-end companion (2 spaces) from $17,000 to $34,500
  4. Abbey (Westminster) crypts (2 spaces) from $25,100 to $40,700
  5. Abbey (Westminster) crypts (4 spaces) from $36,100 to $57,000

The following prices of the various configurations of exterior crypt spaces are available:

  1. Single space crypt from $9,700 to $19,200
  2. Side-by-side double shutter crypts (2 spaces) from $23,800 to $39,000
  3. End-to-end companion (2 spaces) from $16,000 to $29,900
  4. Abbey (Westminster) crypts (2 spaces) $17,200 – $22,300
  5. Abbey (Westminster) crypts (4 spaces) from $26,900 to $32,100

Private Family Mausoleum sites are available at different locations throughout Gate of Heaven Cemetery and the most comprehensive information can be obtained by making an appointment at the cemetery office with a family service representative knowledgeable about this alternative.

Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel Mausoleum

The opening fees for weekday and Saturday entombments are $1,200 and $1,600 respectively.

Please refer to the fee schedule for other services and related fees.

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